Slide Marathon, a resistant and long-lasting barrier that protects the entire skin and restores damaged skin.

Thanks to its design, Marathon adheres to the skin through a polymerization process, becoming a skin layer that peels off as the natural renewal of the epidermis occurs. Protects the skin against damages associated with moisture and perspiration, prevents skin injuries caused by moisture, friction, shearing, and adhesive abrasions.
It wears naturally over 1-3 days, depending on skin type/condition and activity level. The coating can remain in place for up to 7 days.




Allows the area of application to be visualized with a purple tint

Fast drying


Does not contain solvents or activators


  • Wound management 7.7
  • Use on intact or damaged skin
  • Protection of fragile and weak skin
  • Lesions caused by adhesives (MARSI)
  • Reddened, irritated, inflamed and shallow areas, open blisters, skin tears.
  • Protects whole skin or skin injured by body fluids caused by: humidity, friction and shearing


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