Slide Nanocrystalline silver spray
for antimicrobial and antiviral
control of wounds at risk of infection.

It has bacteriostatic and bactericidal action against a wide range of microorganisms. Silver nanoparticles access the cell and exert their antiviral activity through interactions with the viral genome (DNA). It reduces viral infectivity of cultured cells.
Silgen Ag+ is fast acting and should be applied every 3 days.


Enables patient self-care

Effectively controls the presence of viruses, fungi and bacteria

Colorless and non-staining

Non-toxic and alcohol-free


  • Treatment of acute wound infections
  • Treatment of critical colonization
  • Treatment of biofilm
  • Prevention of surgical site infection
  • Prevention of wound infections
  • Prevention of surgical site infection


Slide 10 ml Bottle - 1 Unit
25 ml bottle - 1 Unit

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