Slide A microporous, absorbable polylactic acid membrane that acts as a skin substitute.

It is highly permeable to oxygen and water vapor, providing a favorable environment for burn healing.
Suprathel was developed analogous to human skin and has properties comparable to natural skin, such as elasticity and impermeability to bacteria.



No risk of immune responses or allergies

Requires only one application

Translucent after placement, allowing for wound surveillance

Reduces pain

Reduces treatment costs (single application, less hospitalization time and less need for pain medication)

Rapid healing process

Excellent cosmetic results


  • 2nd degree burns, superficial and deep
  • Toxic epidermal necrolysis
  • Bullous epidermolysis
  • Graft donor sites
  • Steven Johnson syndrome
  • Abrasions


Slide 9 cm x 10 cm Membranes 10/box Slide 18 cm x 10 cm Membranes 10/box Slide 18 cm x 23 cm Membranes 10/box

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