Slide Hyaluronic acid 1% for the peritendinous zone

Hyaluronic acid 1% for the peritendinous zone. It is intended to relieve pain and optimize recovery of tendons and ligaments damaged by acute or chronic injuries. TendoVis™ increases sodium hyaluronate naturally present in soft tissue and protects it for early recovery.


Soft Tissue Adapted Biocompatible Hyaluronic Acid Technology.

Slide Realigns type III collagen, reformed into type I. Improves ECM (extracellular matrix) quality. Lubricates the fibrillae Improves and restores strength Increases range of motion. Corrects fibers position (less scar tissue).


Restores strength.

Fast return of mobility

Reduces pain and inflammation 1

Quick return to mobility

Effective including in the healing of chronic injuries 2




It must be applied by a professional trained in this techniqu


Each syringe contains a dose of 1.2 ml

It must be applied by a professional trained in this technique.

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