Slide Zinc Oxide and Calamine Impregnated Boot

Zinc Oxide and Calamine-impregnated bandage that maintains a moist healing
environment, provides light compression and controls edema in ulcers associated with
venous ulcers associated with venous insufficiency of the leg.
Unna-Z is designed to provide semi-rigid support and compression. It can be left on for up to 7 days, depending on exudate and edema reduction.



Thanks to its continuous release of calamine, it reduces itching under the bandage.

Keeps skin moisturized


  • Wound management 7.7
  • Venous ulcers, leg ulcers, edema and other conditions requiring compression


1 box contains: 10.2 cm x 9.1 m (4 inches X 10 yards) bandage

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