Synolis VA

Flexible Treatment of Osteoarthrosis


  • Intelligent gel with rheological properties similar to synovial fluid
  • Highest concentration of hyaluronic acid in pre-filled syringe of 2ml
  • Flexible dosage between 1 to 3 injections
  • Prolonged improvement for at least 12 months
  • Rapid pain relief from the First Week
  • Swiss Technology

Synolis VA is highly
appreciated by patients


of patients feel Synolis VA provides similar or better results than others previously administered viscosupplements


of Synolis VA patients reported improved functionality at 6 months


or more of patients feel that Synolis VA worked better than previous viscosuplements

SSynolis VA provides an individualized dosage schedule to maximize benefits for each patient

Patients can receive 1 to 3 injections according to their level of pain and radiographic severity.

Patients benefit from a single injection, but the effects of improvement with additional injections prove to be effective in patients with severe pain to very severe pain.

Synolis VA

Very good security profile

Clinical studies with Synolis VA show that the product is very well tolerated. Few side effects, such as transient pain, swelling and / or redness localized to the joint, were reported.

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Synolis VA INVIMA 2015DM-00139125
Synolis VA INVIMA 2015DM-00139125
Synolis VA
Synolis VA

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